Until recently, companies have been spending up to 75% of their RPA budget on hiring an expensive team of consultants who will then

  1. 1

    Spend months interviewing your team

  2. 2

    Manually record their activity

  3. 3

    Create a report of (often) incomplete and possibly inaccurate process mapping

  4. 4

    Spend more time creating detailed documentation

Kryon Process Discovery has put a stop to all that and lets large enterprises

  1. 1

    Automate the data analysis (or ‘automate the automation’), thereby removing the subjectivity of manual process identification and analysis by consultants

  2. 2

    Create a reliable roadmap without the need for logs, databases, or API access

  3. 3

    Scale up and shorten time to RPA adoption which will give you a higher ROI and lower TCO

Kryon Process Discovery - A reliable roadmap

reliable roadmap

Kryon Process Discovery robots observe business processes in progress, collecting data while you work. The AI-powered discovery engine then analyzes this information, identifies specific processes, and automatically creates an automation priority level, based on certain criteria. Insight into the reasoning behind the automation recommendation is available for each process so you can trust that your RPA decisions are-based on reliable, complete data.

Kryon Process Discovery - A x5 shorter time-to-RPA

A x5

For organizations that don’t use an AI-driven solution like Kryon’s Process Discovery, planning and setting up automated processes can make implementation a slow process. Before automation can begin, employees (together with a team of consultants) will need to manually record their activity and rely on possibly incomplete and inaccurate data.

Process Discovery automates almost every part of this process, so turnaround time to RPA is much shorter, with some reporting up to five times faster. This kind of time saving will significantly reduce all RPA project costs.

Kryon Process Discovery - Lower automation-related costs now and long-term

Lower automation

As Kryon Process Discovery cuts time-to-RPA, it follows that other costs will drop as well. By automating the identification and mapping of work processes, less work hours and financial savings will be felt immediately.

Using Process Discovery to ensure you’re evaluating, prioritizing and choosing the best processes to automate will decrease your RPA-related expenses over time.

Kryon Process Discovery - Information Security

Information Security
When Process Discovery robots gather and analyze data about business processes, that data will stay on- premise, ensuring it won’t be transmitted online. Additional security is offered by restricting data gathering and recording from specific applications and websites.

Once a process is automated, the number of people with access to sensitive customer information is kept to a minimum, and even within that finite group, it can be restricted further.

Kryon Process Discovery - Continuous Process Optimization and Scalability

Continuous Process
For organizations who have already embarked on their RPA journey, Process Discovery will provide you with detailed analytics helping you to identify ways to continuously optimize processes.
RPA success will be quickly followed by the need to increase both the number of processes performed by robots, and the overall number of robots.

Process Discovery continues to do the heavy lifting by identifying, analyzing and prioritizing your next automation projects, as well as creating their workflow.

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